3 things to look out for before sending a Black Friday SMS campaign

SMS marketing is one of those communication channels that are quick, concise and direct. Sending personalised bulk SMS to your customers is therefore the best step you can take during the Black Friday shopping season.

Considering that around 98% of users who receive an SMS read it within 3 minutes of receiving it, SMS is a very practical and effective way to communicate. In short, SMS is ideal in that your customers get the message quickly, while being able to respond just as quickly.

All marketers want to know the most effective way to create SMS campaigns that work on Black Friday. However, we also want to know the things to avoid, which is why we’ve prepared this article to highlight them.

Don’t forget your SMS marketing strategy on Black Friday either!

With all marketing campaigns, the key should be to define what you want to achieve, how to implement the strategy properly, and how to measure and evaluate everything. And when we say for all, really for all, even for SMS campaigns, especially during Black Friday.

Without a properly chosen and defined strategy, your SMS interactions won’t work.

Sending irrelevant messages at the wrong time can lead to recipients unsubscribing from your database rather than taking the action you want.

So before you start thinking, answer the following questions:

  • Why do you want to send a text message to your customers on Black Friday?
  • What exclusive things do you want to offer them?
  • Is the message you’re going to send really relevant? Will it engage your customers?
  • When and at what frequencies do you want to send SMS messages?

TIP for practice?

Set goals and metrics. These will help you to evaluate the success of your Black Friday SMS campaign and also how to improve further, for example in view of the upcoming Christmas holidays and other SMS marketing campaigns. Having empirical evidence of whether or not your campaign is working is crucial to the success of your business. For sales of a particular product, you can track how your SMS campaign is performing thanks to the discount code in the SMS message. You can easily evaluate it thanks to the number of transactions where this SMS discount code will be used.

Do you know who your audience is?

Before you even start setting up your Black Friday campaign, make sure that you have consent from your contacts to receive your SMS marketing message and that they have voluntarily opted in to receive your SMS marketing. Understanding and respecting your target audience is vital to your business.

Forgetting who you are actually communicating with can be your undoing. Many users lose interest if the content becomes irrelevant to them.

TIP for practice?

Do you have loyal customers who can be counted among the VIPs? Make them feel really special. Especially during Black Friday. Give them exclusive and preferential access to discounts before you make them public. For example, by sending a special discount code in a text message. This is a great move that really works. And know that retaining an existing customer is 10x less expensive than attracting a new customer.

Get your customers to take action

Keep your customers constantly interacting with your brand. Understanding them and what they require from your brand is what will keep you ahead of your competition.

In the previous lines, you have read that it is important to make your SMS message relevant to your target audience. Equally important is to grab their attention. This type of message doesn’t always encourage action. And it’s increasing your customers’ interaction with you that provides the calls to action. So offer your customers an interesting Black Friday benefit and ask them to take advantage of it. But remember that only one call to action ever belongs in a text message!

Planning and setting up an appropriate SMS strategy for Black Friday will allow you to structure, measure and improve your communications properly. Understanding your target audience brings many benefits and builds stronger relationships. Take advantage of this and avoid the above SMS marketing mistakes when preparing your Black Friday campaign, this is the only way to get the most out of your SMS marketing campaign.


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