Harness the power of discount SMS coupons

Your potential or existing customers simply love discount coupons. Do you also use them in your business? If not, it’s the perfect time to consider whether to incorporate them into your business model. You’ll find out if this marketing strategy will attract new customers, retain existing ones or increase profits, no matter what your business focus is.

What types of promotional offers can you try?

Promotional offers can come in a variety of forms for your customers. We bring you the ones that are simple and work.

Percentage discount

Perhaps one of the most popular with customers. Determine your discount based on product type or margin. You can give a more symbolic discount in the order of a few % or higher, for example up to 50% if you need to sell out of stock.

Cash discount

Motivational element for your customer. You can offer a cash discount to your website visitor in the form of a discount on the first purchase. Often this type of promotion is applied when you want to incentivise the customer to make a further purchase. The customer feels like they’d lose money if they didn’t use the discount.

Free shipping

Free shipping is a great incentive to make a purchase especially with e-commerce stores. Free shipping eliminates one of the disadvantages of shopping online. However, at the same time, think about the amount of money you spend and make it worthwhile to offer free shipping.

Free gift

You can use free gift if you need to get rid of products that have been out of stock for a long time. You can give a free gift to a customer on a special occasion (e.g. birthday) or as an incentive to make another purchase.

In what cases can I use discount coupons?

The opportunities and possibilities are really wide, so let’s take a look at the most common discount promotions in SMS marketing.

Reward for a completed contact

Through this type of discount you can expand your contact database. Place a pop-up form on your website that when a prospect fills it out, they will receive a discount code. Through this form, you can get not only a phone number, but perhaps an email as well.

Thank you for your loyalty

Send customers who have purchased from you a thank you text message that includes a discount coupon for their next purchase. Be sure to time the validity of the discount so that the customer has an incentive to make a purchase from you as soon as possible.

Show interest in your customers

Customers love it when they are unique to you. Therefore, take advantage of opportunities in the form of holidays, birthdays, membership anniversaries, store birthdays, etc. and send them a discount coupon via SMS. This will surprise the customer very pleasantly and motivate them to buy at the same time.

Take advantage of every opportunity

Choose interesting days in your calendar that fit your business and offer attractive discounts or seasonal promotions. Definitely include Christmas, Black Friday and Cyber Monday among these days. In addition to these typical holidays, choose another one that will be unique and that other stores don’t use as much. As an example, a sleep accessories store will take advantage of International Pillow Day to send customers a special discount promotion for the day.

Create a feeling of exclusivity

Reward your loyal customers and don’t forget them. They will get a feeling of exclusivity by sending a discount only to them. You will make them happy and motivate them to buy. And maybe they’ll pass on that positive experience to someone else in their area, and you’ll gain another customer.

5 tips for the end

  • Time your discount coupons so the customer has to act quickly or forget about the discount.
  • Consider the frequency of discount offers and don’t overdo it when sending out discount promotions. This is so that the customer does not get too used to these promotions and lose interest or wait to buy.
  • Set a goal for what the campaign is supposed to bring you and what your expectations are.
  • Analyse the use of discount codes. This will help you to see if you have only “discount coupon hunters” in your database, so that it doesn’t pay to invest your resources in them.
  • Test, test, test… different types of discount promotions. This way you can quickly find out what pays off and what doesn’t.

Discount promotions are a great way not only to get new leads into your database, but also to motivate your existing customers to buy and maintain a positive relationship with them. Simply sign up with GoSMS and you can prepare your first SMS campaign to send out to your contact database.