How do I secure my GoSMS account?

Account security for GoSMS is very important, so we’ve prepared this article to show you how to set up your account to protect it from potential abuse.

The first steps to setting up a secure account:

  • The given password should contain 8 to 16 characters. It should also contain one upper and one lower case letter.
  • A combination of letters, numbers and special characters is ideal.
  • Use different passwords if you log in to multiple accounts. If you have the same password for all your accounts and someone gets your password, your other accounts will be compromised.
    Don’t use discoverable information in your passwords (e.g. date of birth, your name, etc.
  • If you are emailed your password, copy and save the password in a safe place and delete the email.

How can I improve my security?

You can also use two-factor authentication when logging into your account. You must enable this authentication in your account administration. In practice, this means that you must enter additional codes in addition to your password. These can come via SMS, email or Google Authenticator.

The login process itself takes a second longer, but your account is much more secure. In case someone gets hold of your password, it won’t be enough.

How does Google Authenticator work?

This app automatically generates six-digit codes that allow you to log in to your accounts. These codes change regularly and are linked to your phone.

To get into your account, someone would not only need to know your password, but also have physical access to your phone. And this route is very complicated for a would-be attacker.

Do I really need to turn on two-factor authentication?

Two-factor login authentication is completely optional, and it’s up to you to enable it in your GoSMS account. However, for our part, we recommend turning on this two-step verification to avoid misusing your GoSMS account and sending out SMS messages that will cost you unnecessary financial costs.

See our FAQ on how to activate this two-step verification in your account >>