How to send long text messages on Black Friday to make them work?

Are you planning to reach your customers with an interesting marketing offer on Black Friday, but are hesitant about how long to send your messages to make a real impact? We’ve put together this article to answer your questions.

SMS is essentially a short message service (SMS). The very nature of the name of this service makes it clear that the message must be concise, clear and to the point. Keep longer messages for newsletters or your website. Granted, mobile screens are getting bigger all the time, but honestly, who wants to read a text that has almost no end?

SMS at its base = 1 text message, is 160 characters long. 160 characters is enough to write the most important thing.

Related to the length of the SMS is the realization of what the main purpose of the message is. Is your goal to get the customer to complete a purchase in your store? Or are you just conveying important information such as delivery dates?

If your goal is sales, you need to get your potential customer to that point as quickly as possible. Don’t bore him with unnecessary details and go straight to a clear call to action!

The number of SMS sent through the GoSMS gateway

When is it ideal to send one SMS?

One SMS of 160 characters is sufficient in most cases. Within this one SMS you can send a compelling marketing message including a clear call to action. This is also evident in the data above. 73% of the SMS that clients send through the GoSMS gateway are just 1 SMS long.

While the SMS is short in content, if you include a link to the website with the message, customers will read the additional information on the website. So you don’t have to be unhappy about not sending everything in the SMS. In this case, really stick to less is more!

When is it better to expand a message into two SMS?

SMS split into two messages is ideal for those cases when you simply can’t find any other way to “compress” everything into one SMS. Even two SMS can work great as marketing sales messages because they still don’t look as bulky and your recipient will read them quickly. After all, 20% of SMS sent via GoSMS are just those that are made up of two messages. And 20% is not a small number.

However, even here, keep in mind the rule we stated for one SMS. The message must also contain only one call to action. However, if it’s a little more informative, you don’t have to worry about it not meeting your stated goal.

We recommend constructing these SMS to have no more than 3 to 4 basic pieces of information in them, such as the name of the promotion, the validity of the promotion, what the customer must do to redeem the promotion, the call to action, and the website.

And when to choose three or more messages?

Longer SMS messages of three messages are mainly sent for more specific communications. This type of SMS message is not sent in bulk to thousands of customers, but is rather a communication with individuals. This is also evident in our statistics. Only 5% of these SMS messages are sent by our customers through the GoSMS gateway.

These more comprehensive SMS are sent when you need to convey important information quickly (for example, to your employees). They are sent in crucial cases where the message needs to be read, as opposed to email, which can only be accessed by staff later.

We do not recommend moving to four-part SMS messages as part of SMS marketing. The message in this message always exceeds the size of a mobile screen and if the customer opens the message, 90% of the time they will never finish the message.

Conversely, don’t be afraid to test one- to two-part SMS messages. In some cases, a more comprehensive message may work better than a single SMS message.

Get ready for Black Friday and streamline your communications with SMS marketing. Prepare your message in minutes, import your contacts, top up the necessary credit and send the SMS. 90% of messages are read within 3 minutes of delivery!


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