How to reduce administrative costs with SMS?

Yes, you read that correctly. SMS can reduce administrative costs in your company. In our article today, we’ll look at a few ways you can achieve savings in your business through SMS.

SMS reminders

An automated process that urges customers via SMS is much less time consuming than having your staff contact each of these customers by phone and one by one. Among other things, SMS reminders are much more efficient than sending reminders via email. In fact, SMS has an open rate of up to 98%, compared to around 20% for email.

As part of BMC Ophthalmology’s six-month analysis, SMS reminders were sent to a group of selected patients to remind them of their medical appointment. The results are more than clear. Patients who received this SMS were 38% less likely to miss their appointment compared to the group of patients who did not receive this SMS.

Information collection

Whether it’s information about your customers, employees or suppliers, having the right and up-to-date data is key. Finding this data in person can be very time consuming. However, with SMS messaging, you can get it very quickly and in no time.

Instead of your answering staff trying to reach customers individually over the phone, they can send an SMS with a link to online forms at the click of a button. This way, customers can quickly update their information.

Communication with employees

SMS messages are not only a great means of communication with your customers, but also a perfect tool for internal communication. Especially for coordinating and confirming employee schedules or appointments. Two-way messaging can be used, among other things, to easily confirm said appointments, schedules, etc. This saves time and reduces the administrative burden.

SMS debt collection and reminder messages

Timely payments from your customers are absolutely essential to running a healthy business. That said, it’s not uncommon for businesses to experience cash flow problems due to delays in payments. Among other things, communicating with a debtor is often time-consuming and in some cases uncomfortable when done by phone or email. In the context of this payment delay, it is best to send SMS reminders first. This was evidenced by a small experiment where a selected bank sent a reminder SMS to debtors. The results showed that email reminders had a poor success rate, whereas SMS messages increased the recovery of amounts owed by 28%.

Elimination of telephone communication

Getting your staff involved in phone calls from borrowers, whether it’s an enquiry or a complaint, can often be time consuming. One way to streamline this activity is to offer customers communication via SMS.

After an appointment, a purchase in your store or a dining experience, send a simple SMS to your customers to get their feedback. This communication creates the right bonds with your customers and is not administratively demanding.

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