How to increase sales with SMS marketing not only on Black Friday

More than 95% of smartphone owners send or receive more than 40 text messages a day. This represents a really high level of engagement through this communication channel. And SMS marketing is an essential part of your sales strategy. We’ve put together a few ways you can use text messaging even more effectively to boost your sales, and not just on Black Friday.

Create real value with exclusive SMS offers

Sending bulk SMS messages to your customers and hoping they’ll make a purchase isn’t enough in today’s competitive environment. For your SMS recipients to actually buy, they need to see value in the SMS message. You need to provide new and returning customers with a unique and exclusive offer that has value.

And what kind of exclusive SMS offers might that be?

  • Save 10% with every third purchase with the “SMS” code you present at checkout.
  • Get 20% off your book orders with a registered account.
  • If you show this text message on Black Friday, we’ll give you 50% off your second product for free.

Focus on limited time promotions

SMS marketing is one of the TOP tools through which users can act quickly. Get your customers to take quick action within a limited time. According to Swift Digital, 86.1% of recipients open an SMS message within 30 minutes of delivery. And 92% of shoppers confirmed that they use an SMS discount code at least once a year.

Increase your sales by setting a time limit on SMS promotions. You might as well try it on Black Friday.

Add an element of urgency to your SMS message to increase your chances of conversion. However, choose your SMS messaging appropriately so that you avoid over-saturating your customers and they don’t buy only through these promotions.

An example of a time-limited promotion is shown below:

“Take advantage of a limited time promotion for Black Friday night shopping. 50% off everything in the bedding category until 10pm tonight only. After that, only 10% off.”

Ask for references and reviews via SMS marketing

Positive feedback about your brand can increase loyalty and with it, sales of your products or services, among other things. Research by Conversion Sciences reports that roughly 80% of users confirm that positive reviews get them to buy. Thus, you can use SMS messaging to encourage your existing customers to write a review. These can then be published on social media or your website.

And what can such an SMS message look like?

“Were you happy with your purchase with us? If so, share your experience with others and post your review on our website. Thank you very much for it.” 

Marketing communication that pays off

Take your sales to the next level and try our recommendations. No matter what buying stage your customers are in, you can tailor SMS communications very quickly and target them effectively so they trust your brand. The higher the value your brand has, the faster the increase in sales.

Choose the right tool

Send SMS messages using dedicated tools. You can try GoSMS, which offers free credit when you first sign up. 💥